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The translation is increasingly needed in our fast-forward world. Information exchange determines the new evolution of the human race. The possibility to communicate in English & Spanish, the two languages spoken by a great majority of the world population, definitely increases your opportunities to effectively convey your message reaching out to a vast extension of readers and listeners.


We translate documents by closely interpreting their content, meaning, and intention. This prevents literal translation while effectively conveying the message you want to transmit. The localization of the document involves the translation and conversion of more specific details such as currency, dimension, volume, or weight units from the original content into their equivalent value in the target local units, as well as the adaptation of the content on the timeline, style, idioms and culture of the target language.


Most documents are delivered within 1 to 2 business days, with variations depending on the content complexity when selecting our standard First Class speed. Proofreading adds at least one more day. Standard text is typed using Times New Roman size 12, 1.5cm line spacing, 2.5cm for vertical margins, 2cm for horizontal margins and is saved as a PDF document. If you require a different format, please specify the details in advance.


Includes the translation, proofreading, paging, pictures & and table quotes, titles & subtitles, epigraphs, cover & back cover. There is an extra cost to be determined for the localization of graphics, tables, and the corresponding table of contents. The general pricing is calculated in USD according to the following rates:

  • 0.10 / translated word - Social, cultural, popular, informational documents.

  • 0.12 / translated word - Resumes, literature, technical, educational & religious documents.

  • 0.14 / translated word - Scientific, legal, financial, industrial, real state.

  • 0.20 / translated word -Timed screenwriting & captions.

  • 2.50-5.oo / each translated table of content, index, or bibliography, depending on length and complexity.

We offer a 10% discount on documents consisting of 100 or more pages and require a deposit of 50% of the quoted cost in order to start processing your document. The final balance must be paid before your document is sent to you by email. All your information and data are secured with encryption. Should you need to use a courier service to ship the printed document to an additional addressee, the cost of it will be included in your final balance. To guarantee same-day delivery, please select Urgent translation Service while placing your order (only available on 1-25 pages).

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