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Events & Workshops

We will soon offer Creative Writing Workshops at community centers in Florida, as well as online Short-Writing Contests with prices that range from books, electronic books, and the opportunity to publish on a prestigious editorial.

We will also develop Environmental Education Workshops on weekends, with experts on Permaculture, Recycling and Reusing, Composting, Outdoors Survival, Coral Reef Restoration, Water Recovery, Renewable Energy, Eating Smart, Exercise Food, Renewable Energy, among others.

Creative Writing Workshops for kids
When / Where:

Monday through Friday

At The House of Words

3pm to 6pm

Read Naturally Workshops
When / Where:

Monday through Friday

The House of Words

6pm to 8pm

  • Motivational Speech Before an Audience 
  • Masterclass Workshops
  • Environmental Education for Children & Young Adults
  • Read Naturally Workshops
  • Essays and Thesis Workshops

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